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Jan/2022 Hebrew Pey: Prayer // update makes corrections to original version //

Dec/2021 Garden of Eden (India is Eden; Ophar is former Garden of Eden)

Sep/2021 Judas (Bible links to the most infamous ancient and modern Judas figures)

Nov/2020 America in Prophecy (Song of Solomon: Abraham and the Slaves he loved)

Feb/2020 Vision of Nebuchadnezzar (Wise Men follow the stars: to Bible chapters)

Dec/2019 Levitical Offerings (Religion is a Prison: Jesus came to set Prisoners Free)

Nov/2019 I Am Weary O God (Wisdom of Solomon: All 50 heavenly signs in Prov 30)

Oct/2019 I Am the Vine (Two Trees in Garden: A Vine on each Tree)

Feb/2019 The LORD Stretches Out The Heavens (Calibration of stars signs to sacred history)

Nov/2017 The Seven Seals (Seals Precede the Rapture) * Updated:1st published in 2014 *

Nov/2017 The Seventh Day (‘No one will go out of his home’: We are in it now)

Oct/2017 Cain (China in Prophecy: Genesis 4)

May/2017 Star Knowledge: Life of Christ (year by year map of events to prophetic signs)

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