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Anyone who has ever opened a Bible knows each book is divided into chapters and verses.

The order of the books in the Bible, the order of chapters in the books, and even the order of verses in the chapters are all in harmony with God’s hidden signature in Scripture: the spiritual meaning of numbers.

Numerical analysis of a chapter in the Bible will assist interpretation of difficult passages.

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Some studies are by chapters.  Other studies are whole books. [#] = chapter in the whole bible.  {#} = chapter in New Testament


[2] ch. 2        The Story of Adam   King of the World is Naked

[4] ch. 4        The Line of Cain   Type of Rebels to Jehovah

                      China in Prophecy   Physical Descendants

[21] ch. 21    Oath of Beersheba  Three Faiths out of Abraham

[23] ch. 23   Death   Abraham Buys a Tomb  Gematria Study

[24] ch. 24   Priest   Abraham Dies  Gematria Study

[26]  ch. 26  Isaac Sojourns in Gerar    Jesus the Camel

[31] ch. 31    Oath of Mizpah    Syria in Prophecy


[62] ch. 12 {1818-1868} The Passover: Woman Leaves Husband’s Authority Gematria Study

[63] ch. 13 {1869-1890} Unleavened Bread: Every Nail Sticking Up Is Hammered Down  Gematria Study

[64] ch. 14 {1891-1921} Trust in the LORD With All Thy Heart – Not Thy Own Understanding  Gematria Study

[65] ch. 15 {1922-1948} One More Powerful Than I Will Come: He Will Baptize You With Fire  Gematria Study

[66] ch. 16  {1949-1984}  Amorite Child Soaked in Birth Blood I Hate You  Gematria Study

[67] ch. 17  {1985-2000}  My People Perish: Don’t See The Ambush  Gematria Study

[68] ch. 18  {2001-2027}  Bind This Line of Scarlet Thread in Window  Gematria Study

[69] ch. 19 {2028-2052} The End Has Come to My People Gematria Study


[102] ch. 12   The Days of Uncleanness   2nd Diaspora Jews until the Cordoba Caliphate


[152]  ch. 35  Cities of Refuge   Who enters the Millennium?


[170] ch. 17  Graven Image  Gematria Study


[190] ch. 3  Kingdom Comes   Gematria Study


[224] ch. 13  Cold Blooded  Gematria Study

[224] ch. 13  Manoah Father of Samson  Radical Jihadis

[225] ch. 14  Unholy Alliance  Gematria Study


[233] ch. 1   Naomi and Her Daughters  Paganism Seduced the Church

[233] ch. 1  Believers Appear Again in Holy Land  Gematria Study

[234] ch. 2  Turn to Man For Rescue  Gematria Study

[235] ch. 3  Grovelling Indignity  Gematria Study

[236] ch. 4 High Priest Abandons Flock  Gematria Study

[233-236] ch.1-4  Book of Ruth  Last Days before Great Tribulation


[437] ch. 1  Wealthy Livestock Owner  Gematria Study


[598] ch. 120 Tents of Kedar  Radical Islam Trumps Church-ianity


[658] ch. 30 I Am Weary O God Solomon interprets the Star Signs

Song of Songs

[677,678,679] ch.6,7,8  Come Away My Love  Life of Christ

[677] ch. 6 Bonded to Another Gematria Study


[697] ch. 18  Sell Your Soul to the Devil  Gematria Study

[702] ch. 23  Song of the Prostitute  Gematria Study

[713]  ch. 34  End of Edom   The Wealthy Rulers of Arabia

Verse by verse commentary:  Book of Isaiah

Summary: Gates of Jerusalem – I  Christ to Mongol Conquest


[751, 752, 743, 754] ch. 6,7,8,9  The Holocaust Foretold (By Jeremiah)

[774] ch.29  False Prophets Hunted Down  Gematria Study  Prophetic Years 19822013 AD

[775] ch.30 LORD Destroys All Nations: Jacob Restored Gematria Study Prophetic Years 20142037 AD

Verse by verse commentary:  Book of Jeremiah

Summary: Gates of Jerusalem – II  Alauddin to 1948 Israeli War


[799] ch. 2  The Anger of the LORD  America Filled with Enemies


[852] ch. 2 Vision of Nebuchadnezzar  Wise Men “Follow the Stars”


[823] ch. 21   911 Attack   37 Details of the Sep 11 Attack

[828] ch. 26  Ship Sinks: Treasure Lost   Gematria Study


[880] ch. 1  Amos 1 a   Amos 1 b   Judgment of the Ancient Nations

[881] ch. 2  Amos 2 a   Amos 2 b   Judgment of Christian Temples & USA

[883-886] ch. 4-9  Judgment of Great Britain   Eyes on the Sinful Kingdom


[901] ch. 1    Yoke Broken Forever   Gematria Study

[902] ch. 2    Chariots of Fire    Gematria Study

[903] ch. 3    Stripped Naked    Gematria Study


[921] ch.10   LORD Tends His Flock House of Judah  Gematria Study

[922] ch. 11    I Will Not Be Your Shepherd  Gematria Study

[923] ch. 12    Jerusalem a Cup of Drunkenness  Gematria Study

[924] ch.13     A Sword Against My Shepherd  Gematria Study

Gospel of Matthew

[934] {5} ch. 5  Sermon on the Mount  Prophecy of Church History

Gospel of Mark

[963] {34}  ch. 6  Jesus Rejected In His Home Town  First Believers – Hungry

[965] {36}  ch.8  Are you so dull?    Last Believers – Starving

[966] {37} ch. 9  Transfiguration – Part 1   Mystery of Mount Hermon

Gospel of Luke

[977] {48} ch. 4   Resist The Devil   False Messiah Adolf Hitler in prophecy

[979] {50} ch. 6    If The Root Is Holy So Is The Branch Gematria Study Prophetic Years: 1991 – 2039

[980] {51} ch. 7   Men Blindly Follow Leaders Who Can’t Heal Gematria Study  Prophetic Years: 20402089

Gospel of John

[998] {69} ch. 1  In the Beginning was the Word  Gematria Study

[999] {70} ch. 2  Jesus Clears the Temple Courts  Gematria Study

[1000] {71} ch. 3  Bride of the Bridegroom  Gematria Study

[1001] {72} ch. 4  Worship the Father in Spirit & Truth  Gematria Study

[1002] {73] ch. 5  He Who Honors the Son Honors the Father  Gematria Study

[1003] {74} ch. 6  He Who Eats My Flesh Drinks My Blood Has Life  Gematria Study

[1018] {89} ch. 21  153 Dead Fish in the Net   Gematria Study

[1018] {89} ch. 21  Feast of the Fishes   Last Days: Secret of Lawlessness

Book of Acts

[1033] {104} ch. 15  Abstain From Eating Blood Only Gentile Requirement

[1019-1046] ch. 1-28    Book of Acts         

Book of Romans

[1047] {118} ch. 1  Downfall of Paul the Apostle  (Right Eye Plucked Out)

1 Corinthians

[1063] {134} ch.1  Christ is the High Priest (Aaron’s Rod that Budded)

[1064] {135} ch. 2  Christians are the Priests (Gift of the Priesthood)

[1065] {136} ch. 3  Gentile Believers are Spiritual (Red Heifer)

[1066] {137} ch. 4  Abuse of Authority (Meribah)

[1067] {138} ch. 5 Expel the Wicked Brother (Bronze Serpent)

[1068] {139} ch. 6  Worldliness in the Congregation (Balaam)

[1069] {140} ch. 7  Perverse Prophet, Plagued People (Mount Pisgah)

[1070] {141} ch. 8  Can a Prison Warden Preach Freedom? (Altar of Peor)

[1071] {142} ch. 9  Run the Race to Win (Phinehas Rewarded; Moses Disqualified)

[1072] {143} ch. 10  The Prize: Return With Christ (Enter Promised Land)  


Book of 2 John

[1165]  ch.1  Book of 2 John   Plea to believers to walk in love

Research here is original to biblenumbersforlife.com.




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