The Gospels of Jesus Christ are the four books in the Bible which provide an intimate account of the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  Christians accept the Gospels as plain truth and they are.

But in the providence of God there is another purpose for those very same four gospel accounts.  They are also written as prophecy of future events.  That we might know by the proof of prophetic fulfillment that the words in the gospels did not originate in men, but were as God-breathed as the Torah of Moses.


Each of the verses in Matthew contain a kernel of truth, which are like a garden of tender shoots, planted in a row, each growing and maturing into a full tree.

We present evidence the first 260 verses in Matthew presage each of the 260 chapters of the New Testament in order.  Each of the chapters in the New Testament amplifies and clarifies what was written in the corresponding verse in Matthew.

This is a valuable insight for interpreting some of the more difficult sayings of Jesus in Matthew.  For example: “If your right eye offends you, gouge it out”!

For more, please read our paper:

Sermon on the Mount  Prophecy of Church History & Teaching



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