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Links to photos of pages out of my research notebook.  This way I publish more material without the burden of drafting and polishing papers.  My notes are pictorial.  Readers can get a quick grasp of my thoughts without having to read pages of text.  The goal is get feedback from readers and stimulate wider inquiry.  So please add a comment of what you like/don’t like and your reasoning.  We can all benefit from more minds working together.  Thank you.  Blessings.  servant mark

Be prepared to be surprised.  Rarely is my work conventional thinking.


Where did Jesus get the inspiration to call Himself ‘The Vine’?  In my notebook I reveal where the first Vine occurs in Scripture.  Shocker!  In the Garden of Eden.

I AM WEARY, O GOD  (Prov 30)

The wisdom of Solomon is surpassing.  As the book of Proverbs closes in the 30th chapter wisdom itself comes to an end: the End Times!  My notes will guide you verse by verse through Proverbs 30 and reveal the tie-in of each verse to the Heavenly witnesses, the star signs.  No astrology this.  But the very summit of prophecy.  For Solomon arranges in historical order all 50 star signs.  As sure as the Creator placed the stars in the Heavens, He infused them with prophetic light on future events: from 1 AD to the Second Coming.


Who is wise as Daniel?  We do not pretend to possess Daniel’s gift, but we think we understand how he reasoned as the Spirit of Truth guided him to reconcile the signs in the stars with the truth in Scripture.  If we “follow the stars” we gain the wisdom of Daniel: the meaning of the Great Image of Nebuchadnezzar in much more prophetic detail than is summarized in chapter 2 of his book.


We tread on holy ground here.  Deep and complex, the Mosaic worship system is a rich mine of symbolism very pertinent to our faith and prophetic understanding.  There is much in this paper that will be fresh insight to Bible students.


Incredibly, this can be done.  For your convenience we supply links for the 10 or more brighter stars in all the constellations.  In addition, we add the links to Bible books and Solomon’s wisdom on the heavenly signs (Proverbs 30).  You will quickly see the harmony between the message in the stars, Bible numbers, Bible chapters, Bible books, Solomon’s wisdom on the heavenly signs.  A valuable resource of prophetic insight that will help you interpret the signs for today.

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