We offer two studies for you to consider.  Firstly a paper:


Which is a chapter by chapter study, which, to provide context, starts in Exodus.

And secondly another study presented below:


The angel told Daniel: “Seventy Weeks are determined for you and your people” (Dan. 9 v 24). ‘Your People’ means the Jews.  A ‘Week’ means seven years.

What about Christians? Are there ‘weeks’ determined for us?  Can we know our future?

Genesis is about the Patriarchs, forefathers of Faith (in the promised Messiah)
Exodus is about the Jews, becoming a Nation (and prophetic of modern nations)
LEVITICUS is about Christ, the Sacrifice; (and the early Apostolic Church)
Numbers is about Pilgrimage in the Desert (under Roman rule)
Deuteronomy is about Renewed Zeal for Religious Laws (Byzantines & Muslims)

Christianity starts with Christ, who is typified in the Book of LEVITICUS.

Suppose we start counting the Christian ‘Weeks’ (seven year periods) with Leviticus, chapter 1. Where do we get in matching Prophecy (Bible Chapters) to History (Actual Events)?

Christ was born in 7 BC (see our study of the Song of Songs: Come Away My Love)

Starting at Leviticus 1 (7 BC to 1 BC) then every 7 years / chapter:

Leviticus 1 “Burnt Offering: A Perfect Male” Christ is Born (7BC – 1BC)
Leviticus 2 “Grain Offering: Fine Flour” Christ in Nazareth (1AD – 7AD)
Leviticus 3 “Fellowship Offering” Christ in Temple (8AD – 14AD)
Leviticus 4 “Sin Offering” Christ Sojourns Alone (15AD – 21AD)
Leviticus 5 “Guilt Offering:Young Bull” Christ’s Public Ministry (22AD – 29AD)
Leviticus 6 “Burnt Offering: Young Ram” Christ’s Crucifixion (30AD – 36AD)

We’re right on schedule. Let’s keep going through history.

Bold Underlined words are links to published papers.


Jerusalem Council: Super-Apostles Behave as if they are a New Priesthood (50-56 AD):

….Ch. 9 “Aaron Blesses the People”

Romans Expel Jews from Jerusalem: Jews After Christ Reviled in Holy Land (71-77 AD):

….Ch. 12 “Women Unclean After Birth”

Bar-Kochbah Revolt: Jews Revolt Against Rome (127-133 AD):

….Ch. 20 “Don’t Give Children to Molech”


Iraneus’ Tract on Apostolic Authority: Flock of Christ becomes Chattel of Popes (183-189 AD)

….Ch. 1 “Census of Tribes”

Bishop of Rome Ex-communicates Church of Ephesus: Disunity Among Clergy Splits the Church (197-203 AD):

….Ch. 3 “Three Clans of Levi”

Emperor Decius: Christians Suffer 2nd Great Persecution (247-252 AD):

….Ch. 10 “Desert Journey Begins Again”

Armenia Converts adopts Religion: New Sect and Pope Arises (295-301 AD):

….Ch. 17 “Budding of Aaron’s Rod”

Church Bows to the Roman Emperor: African Bishops ask Constantine to Decide the Arian Controversy (316-322 AD):

….Ch. 20 “Moses Strikes Rock Twice”


Plague of Justinian: Judgment of the Invention of Religious Sects (540-546 AD):

….Ch. 16 “Celebrate the Feasts”

Cave of Hira: Mohammed Receives Verses from an Angel: New Land, Offering, and Place of Worship (610-616 AD):

….Ch. 26 “Offering Firstfruits of the Soil”

Mohammed Rejected by Meccans: Migration to Medina (617-623 AD):

….Ch. 27 “Curses from Mount Ebal”

Mohammed is Successful: Mecca is Conquered (624-630 AD):

….Ch. 28 “Blessings from Mount Gerazim”

VERY INTERESTING. But where are we today?

We have passed a number of Old Testament books. (Not enough room to go into King David and King Solomon but well worth investigation).

We are now in 2 CHRONICLES:

Al Queda is Born: New Players On World Stage Come from Arabia; Test the Wisdom of Solomon [who is prophetic of the World Order since WWII] (1989-1995):

….Ch. 9 “Queen of Sheba Visits”

911 Attack: Saudis Involved; US-Saudi Alliance Cracks; Old Alliances of World Harmony Destroyed (1996-2002):

….Ch. 10 “Solomon is Dead: Israel Rebels”

[note: Prophetic Israel here is ‘Sunni Muslims’ (after 1917 prophetic identities changed: the Modern State of Israel is prophetic Benjamin; see our papers in Page 4 Prophecy)

What Happens NEXT?

Reading forward in the Book of 2 Chronicles:

Iran (prophetic Judah) Makes Nuclear Deal With US (prophetic Egypt); Iran buys peace with its own money!  (2010-2016 AD):

….Ch. 12 “Egypt Takes the Jewels of Judah”

Entrenched institutions of government resist the rise of Authoritarianism around the world:  In USA: we see deeply divided politics: Democrats vs. Republicans (2017-2023 AD).

….Ch. 13 “War Between Abijah & Jeroboam”

??? World Religions Doomed: Churches & Temples Demolished (2024-2030 AD):

….Ch. 14 “Asa Removes the Altars”

??? World Religions Doomed: Priests Slaughtered (2031-2037 AD):

….Ch. 15 “Asa Removes the Idols”

??? World Religions Doomed: All Spiritual Voices Silenced (2038-2044 AD):

….Ch. 16 “Asa Removes the Seers”

??? Rapture (2047) and Threshold of the Temple of the Beast (2045-2051 AD):

….Ch. 17 “Jehoshophat the Strong King”


??? Great Tribulation! Exactly One Week! (2052-2058 AD):

….Ch. 18 “Prophecy of Micaiah”


So, how many weeks are decreed for CHRISTIANITY?

5 weeks from Birth of Christ up to Crucifixion Week.

289 weeks from the Crucifixion Week to the Rapture Week (included).

The spiritual number 289 means ‘GIVE GLORY TO GOD’. This was the purpose of the Age of Grace and the Gospel all along. Hallelujah!

In the 290th week, Christians won’t be here; it is the Great Tribulation;  it is Daniel’s 70th week. This week pertains to the Jews only; the Saints have been killed off in the global persecutions and gone to Heaven in the Rapture.

The spiritual number 290 means ‘HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL’: Jews will have to choose between worshiping the Beast or accepting Jesus of Nazareth. In both cases they die. Only the 144,000 survive alive through the Great Tribulation. But all the Jews who refuse to take the Mark of the Beast, who believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, will be resurrected in the Millennium!

In the 291st week, Christ returns to earth.

The spiritual number 291 means ‘DEATHLY PLAGUES’. Bad news for the Anti-Christ! Also, sheep separated from the goats.

In the 292nd week, Christ will set up the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The spiritual number 292 means ‘KING OF KINGS’!

Christianity has a best-before date. We are coming closer to the end of it.

Blessings dear ones! The Kingdom of God is at hand!

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