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The HISTORY OF THE MODERN WORLD from God’s perspective – presented in the Book of Isaiah.

Isaiah predicted the future on a 1 verse per 1 year basis, from 1 AD to 1292 AD. The base year 1 AD for counting the modern era is the year Christ was 8 years old – this is Isaiah 1 v 1.   ‘Anno Domini’ means ‘Year of Our Lord’.

We explain the 1 verse – 1 year methodology in our paper Come Away My Love

Summary of Isaiah: Gates of Jerusalem – Part I  

PROPHECIES IN ISAIAH CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE FULFILLMENT.   Isaiah is like a gem – light can strike from many directions to make a sparkle.  We present to you one angle of light on Isaiah.  Please see further discussion at the bottom of the page.

Click on links – to open *.pdf docs or online Scripture passage; #Count of Chapters is from Songs 6.


#1 Chapter 6Early Years of Christ

8 BC [v 9] (Annunciation to Mary: Incarnation)

7 BC [v 10] (Birth of Jesus)

6 BC [v 11] (Magi Leave on Journey)

5 BC [v 12]  (Magi Arrive)

4 BC [v 13] (Flight to Egypt)

#2 Chapter 7Later Years of Christ

3 BC [v 1] (Jesus Returns to Holy Land)

#3 Chapter 8Last Years of Christ


#4 Chapter 1 –  First Coming of Christ

1 AD [v 1] (Thoughts: Fish Swim in Pools in the Rock)

2 AD [v 2] (Thoughts: Son Who Rejects the Father)

3 AD [v 3] (Thoughts: Son Who Delights the Father)

4 AD [v 4] (Thoughts: Son Who Murders his Brother)

5 AD [v 5] (Thoughts: Judah in Decline)

6 AD [v 6] (Words: Like the Poetry of God)

7 AD [v 7] (Thoughts: Giving up the Promised Land)

8 AD [v 8] (Holy Family Moves Freely About)

9 AD [v 9] (Jesus Appears in the Temple)

10 AD [v 10] (John Preaches Repentance)

11 AD [v 11] (Jesus Moves Out of His Home)

12 AD [v 12] (Jesus is Called Out of Holy Land)

13 AD [v 13] (Thoughts: Promise of Believers in all Nations)

14 AD [v 14] (Tiberias is Caesar)

#5 Chapter 2 (32 – 53 AD) Jerusalem is Abandoned

33 AD [v 2] (Stoning of Stephen: Church Scattered)

34 AD [v 3] (Simon the Sorcerer Asks to Buy a Spiritual Gift)

35 AD [v 4] (Ethiopian Eunuch is Baptized by Philip)

36 AD [v 5] (Conversion of Saul on the Road to Damascus)

39 AD [v 8] (Paul’s 1st Brief Visit with Peter and James)

40 AD [v 9] (Holy Spirit Descends on House of Cornelius)

41 AD [v 10] (Church in Antioch: James is Martyred)

42 AD [v 11] (Peter is Rescued from Prison by an Angel)

43 AD [v 12] (Proud and Lofty Agrippa is Brought Low)

44 AD [v 13] (Angel of the LORD Strikes Agrippa Dead)

45 AD [v 14] (Antioch Church Backslides into Man’s Religion)

46 AD [v 15] (Gospel Declared to Proconsul of Cyprus)

47 AD [v 16] (Iconium: A Light for the Gentiles)

48 AD [v 17] (Lystra & Derbe: Cripple Healed)

49 AD [v 18] (Paul Heads Back: Goes Through Hardships)

50 AD [v 19] (Antioch: Report of all God had Done)

51 AD [v 20] (Council in Jerusalem: Abstain From Blood)

52 AD [v 21] (Mission to Greece: Paul & Silas & Timothy)

53 AD [v 22] (Corinth: Paul is a Tent-maker)

#6 Chapter 3 (54 – 79 AD) Jerusalem is Destroyed

54 AD [v 1] (Corinth: Paul is taken to Court)

55 AD [v 2] (Ephesus: Apollos is Humbled)

56 AD [v 3] (Ephesus: Sorcery Scrolls Burned)

57 AD [v 4] (Ephesus: Riot of the Craftsmen)

58 AD [v 5] (Jerusalem: Paul Tried by Felix)

59 AD [v 6] (Caesarea: Paul in Prison)

60 AD [v 7] (Paul Before Festus & Agrippa II)

61 AD [v 8] (Paul Sails for Rome: Shipwrecked)

62 AD [v 9] (Rome: Jewish Elders Visit Paul)

63 AD [v 10] (Rome: Paul Under House Arrest)

64 AD [v 11] (Rome: Great Fire; Paul is No More)

#7 Chapter 4 (80 – 85 AD) Domitian Persecutes Christians

#8 Chapter 5 (86 – 115 AD) Gospel Spreads to Cities in Roman Empire

#9 Chapter 6 (116 – 128 AD) Hadrian Massacres: Jews Out of Holy Land

#10 Chapter 7 (129 – 153 AD) Jews Promised: Rome Will be Punished

#11 Chapter 8 (154 – 175 AD) Romans Martyr the Christians

#12 Chapter 9 (176 – 196 AD) Gospel Spreads to the Hinterlands

#13 Chapter 10 (197 – 230 AD) Roman Persecutions End 

#14 Chapter 11 (231 – 246 AD) Church Denies the Gospel

#15 Chapter 12 (247 – 252 AD) Church Divided into Clerical Fiefdoms

#16 Chapter 13 (253 – 274 AD) Church Rent by Clerical Wars

#17 Chapter 14 (275 – 306 AD) Rome Weakens: Christians Blamed

#18 Chapter 15 (307 – 315 AD) Church in Rome Decimated

#19 Chapter 16 (316 – 329 AD) Church Flees Rome to Constantinople

#20 Chapter 17 (330 – 343 AD) Byzantine Church Forgets God

#21 Chapter 18 (344 – 350 AD) Cyril Presents the Canon of Scripture

350 AD [v 7] (The Lecture for All Time)

#22 Chapter 19 (351 – 375 AD) Church Clergy Behave Like Fools

#23 Chapter 20 (376 – 381 AD) God Promises to Send the Barbarians

#24 Chapter 21 (382 – 398 AD) Roman Empire is Racked With Pain

#25 Chapter 22 (399 AD – 423 AD) Glorious Savior Yazdegerd of Persia

#26 Chapter 23 (424 – 441 AD) Cult of Mary Curse Upon Byzantium

431 AD [v 8] (Council of Ephesus)

#27 Chapter 24 (442 – 464 AD) Attila the Hun Ravages Europe

#28 Chapter 25 (465 – 476 AD) Believers in Jesus are Few and Scattered

#29 Chapter 26 (477 – 497 AD) Emperors of God: Athanasius, Theodoric

#30 Chapter 27 (498 – 510 AD) Seed of the Serpent: Theodora is Born

#31 Chapter 28 (511 – 539 AD) Stumbling Emperor Anoints Justinian 

525 AD  [v 15] (Justinian Marries Theodora)

#32 Chapter 29 (540 – 563 AD) Woe to Byzantium: Plague of Justinian

541 AD  [v 2] (O Lioness I Will Be To You a Lion)

#33 Chapter 30 (564 – 596 AD) Woe if the Warrior says I Am a Holy Man

570 AD  [v 7] (Birth of Mohammed)

#34 Chapter 31 (597 – 605 AD) Woe to the Sons of Darkness: They Flee

#35 Chapter 32 (606 – 625 AD) Peace With Mohammed: Bow to Mecca

#36 Chapter 33 (626 – 649 AD) Islam Conquers the Nations like Locusts

#37 Chapter 34 (650 – 666 AD) Ali is Despised: Islamic Civil War

#38 Chapter 35 (667 – 676 AD) Islam Weakened: Moves to Damascus

#39 Chapter 36 (677 – 698 AD) Islam Divided: Shia and Sunni

#40 Chapter 37 (699 – 736 AD) Islam Reaches Too Far: Major Defeats

#41 Chapter 38 (737 -758 AD) Islamic Revival: Moves to Babylon

#42 Chapter 39 (759 – 766 BC) Gifts from Babylon: You Lose Everything

#43 Chapter 40 (767 – 797 AD) Charlemagne Defends the Faith

#44 Chapter 41 (798 – 826 AD) A Christian ‘King of the Romans’ !

#45 Chapter 42 (827 – 851 AD) Scriptures Kept Secret: Enemies Rejoice

#46 Chapter 43 (852 – 879 AD) Jews Multiply: Ungrateful Will be Judged 

#47 Chapter 44 (881 – 900 AD) Alfred the Great Saves England

#48 Chapter 45 (908 – 932 AD) Al-Mahdi Founds the Fatimid Empire

#49 Chapter 46 (933 – 945 AD)  Bow to Icons: You Will Go to Captivity

#50 Chapter 47 (946 – 960 AD) Seljuq Founds Turk-Persian Empire 

#51 Chapter 48 (961 – 982 AD) Fatimids Conquer Egypt

#52 Chapter 49 (983 – 1008 AD) Vladimir Father of Russia Baptised 

#53 Chapter 50 (1009 – 1019 AD) Papal Authority Mocks God: Judged

#54 Chapter 51 (1021 – 1042 AD) Seljuks Conquer Persia and Beyond

#55 Chapter 52 (1043 – 1057 AD) Great Schism: Catholic and Orthodox

#56 Chapter 53 (1058 – 1069 AD) Norman Kings: New Royals of England  

#57 Chapter 54 (1070 – 1086 AD) Norman Priests: New Clergy of England

#58 Chapter 55 (1087 – 1099 AD) Pope Urban 1st Crusade to Jerusalem

#59 Chapter 56 (1100 – 1111 AD) Expansion of Crusader Kingdom

#60 Chapter 57 (1112 – 1132 AD) Cult of Mary Sweeps Catholic Church

#61 Chapter 58 (1133 – 1146 AD) Monastic Orders: Lay A Heavy Yoke

#62 Chapter 59 (1147 -1167 AD) Bernard: Crusade a Total Failure

#63 Chapter 60 (1168 -1189 AD) Saladin: Virtuous and Victorious Sultan

#64 Chapter 61 (1190 – 1200 AD) Richard: Lion of Arrogance is Killed

#65 Chapter 62 (1201 – 1212 AD) Francis: Mendicant Orders

#66 Chapter 63 (1213 – 1231 AD) Ghenghis Khan: The Flail of God 

#67 Chapter 64 (1232 – 1243 AD) Mongol Invasion: Eastern Europe

#68 Chapter 65 (1244 – 1268 AD) Mongol Peace Offer: Europe Deaf

#69 Chapter 66 (1269 – 1292 AD) Mongol Victory: All Kingdoms Crushed

HISTORY OF THE WORLD – From God’s Perspective – Continues in the Book of Jeremiah

Our paper Come Away My Love sets forth the basis for counting prophecy according to the years of the life of Christ.  The annunciation of Christ is Songs 6:9 and the birth of Christ is Songs 6:10.  The life of Christ year by year is contained prophetically in the last chapters of the Songs of Solomon verse by verse.

We present to you the history of the modern world from GOD’S PERSPECTIVE.  Parts of the prophecy of Isaiah pertain to significant events in the history of Christians.  Parts of Isaiah pertain to God’s dealings with Emperors, Caesars, Kings, and Caliphs who possessed sufficient power to mold and shape nations and empires.  Parts of Isaiah pertain to God’s dealings with the remnant of the Jews.  Finally Parts of Isaiah pertain to God’s dealings with Muslims – including Mohammed.  The prophecy of Isaiah is focused on Europe and the Middle East because those are the territories of the parties to the Beersheba Covenant: Arabs, Jews, Gentiles, and Christians (seven sheep of the oath).

The prophecy of Isaiah is laser precise in terms of timing.  As we would expect God’s word to be.  This is the absolute proof every verse of Isaiah came forth from the mouth of God – not by any means the invention of man.

And what about today? What good is it to know that Isaiah predicted the future year by year from 1 AD to 1292 AD? We live in 2015 AD. Are you ready for it? Jeremiah 1 v 1 corresponds to 1293 AD! And the verses of Jeremiah follow Isaiah in continuing the History of the Modern World right up to the present day and beyond.


Oath of Beersheba and Oath of Beersheba – Part Two.



7 Responses to “Isaiah”

  1. Pam Tebelman January 16, 2020 at 1:10 am #

    Dear Brother Mark,
    I read your piece on the Two Witnesses and Gemini and found it fascinating and in total agreement with what God has revealed to me about the Two Witnesses in these last days. I’m commenting here because I couldn’t find a comment section for that article. It’s truly amazing how God uses His stars to tell of future events, in contrast to how astrologers misuse them to lead people away from the One True Sovereign. You have certainly done your homework and I would enjoy learning how you became interested in this and other topics that you write about. I also believe the Two Witnesses will be twins who will be devoted to each other (the actual spirits of Moses and Elijah) and because they are identical twins, will be in complete lock-step with each other and with God through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit that they will be given. I also believe that the Church will not be able to watch them do their work except from heaven, and that you are correct to de-emphasize trying to identifying the Antichrist, as it is not only irrelevant, but impossible to be known before the Rapture.
    I have a sister who is very much into astrology. Please pray for her. Thank you, Brother Mark and God bless you!
    – Sister Pam T. from Seattle, USA

    • mark h lane January 17, 2020 at 9:30 pm #

      We will also be publishing a paper on the sign GEMINI on our Page 7 STARS, see menu, top of the page. See also Solomon’s Wisdom on the meaning of the star signs, including GEMINI. GEMINI is the 10th Heavenly Sign in the circuit of the sun, starting of course with VIRGO. Therefore the prophetic meaning of GEMINI is tied to the Bible Number 10. The 10th Book of the Bible is 2nd Samuel. In this context, the “brothers in arms” of GEMINI link to Jonathan and David. Only “1” of them could be King, and because of his love for David, Jonathan pledged to give up his right to be King; he was 1st in line after Saul; thereby becoming the “0”; in the number “10”. The concept of GEMINI as twins is not Biblical. This is a Greek influence on the interpretation. Yes, Jonathan and David were soul mates, spiritual brothers perhaps, but not even from the same tribe. So, I differ with you on the idea a future fulfillment would be genetic twins. The important thing is we start a conversation on the Biblical meaning of the heavenly signs. Of course, we will never agree on every detail of interpretation. Blessings. servant mark

  2. Edith lubega October 31, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    thank you very much ..especially for takinbg the time to always reply which not many people do.And i guess you are right,find what works for you and hold onto that ,although for me im still in the defining moments,im persuaded i will get there in time ,happy to have someone like you shedding light on a few things as God interpretes his things differently to everyone,,if you ever decide to do commentary on all the books,please do include my email or whatever so i can recieve the information,again thank you ,
    Heaven is counting on you

  3. Edith Lubega October 31, 2016 at 10:22 am #

    Dear Mark ,,do you have something written on prayer ,would love your thoughts on the subject as im still struggling with balancing all worship ,,studying the bible and prayer together ,,like the scriptures say “its not by our power or might,but by his spirit”

    • mark h lane October 31, 2016 at 11:09 am #

      Dear Edith. I am addicted to Bible Study. Not a good one to ask. I find God speaks to me through His Word. More interested to hear His views than to share my views (i.e. praying). But, if you hear God in prayer – then pray, pray, pray. This is an individual thing. Blessings. servant mark

  4. Edith lubega October 29, 2016 at 10:45 am #

    dear Mark
    im honestly still in awe..very overwhelmed ,words fail me and i dont know what to means there is a huge part of the old testament that is yet to unfold and we dont even know it,so the people that have gone before us had this precious book and never knew it contained all this information?or some knew and misused it or misguided others .. i now remember the Lord’s word “my people perish cause they lack knowledge” i said,too speechless but im glad.this has opened my eyes in a whole different way ..

    • mark h lane October 29, 2016 at 11:06 am #

      Honestly, I am just as in awe. I truly hope others will pick up and uncover more. The half has not been told!

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