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The Sep 11 attack on the Two Towers of the World Trade Center was a genuine miracle of God. We will prove this.

Furthermore, this supernatural event is described in Prophecy – in perfect detail.  See our papers:


> 37 Details of 911 – Day of Attack 


> 30 Details of 911 – Towers are Rebuilt


> Tribe of Dan led by Osama Bin Ladin emerges in the Last Days – All Prophesied!


When Jesus came he walked about and performed whopping big supernatural miracles – right in front of many witnesses:
Jesus took a man with a withered hand – and made it whole.
Jesus took a man crippled from birth – he picked up his pallet and walked.
Jesus took a blind man – spit in the dirt – rubbed it on – and the man could see.
Lots and lots of people saw whopping big miracles of God before their own eyes.

Why did they all not believe in Jesus?
Because although they saw the miracles – they immediately understood the consequences of belief – surrender to the Lordship of Christ.  They recoiled at that – then went right along with their daily lives – as if nothing happened.  Keep calm – move on.

Pharaoh was like this. Miracle after astounding miracle happened – right before his eyes.  Pharaoh hardened his heart.  He would not surrender his life to Jehovah.  He had no need to mistrust God – if he had surrendered – he would have been blessed!


Miracles occur in bunches at the beginning and at the end of Biblical epochs.

It was a miracle that Pharaoh welcomed the children of Israel into Egypt in a time when the whole world was in famine.  Not only that – Pharaoh gave them land.  Not only that – the best land in Eqypt!  As we find out later – this isn’t the natural inclination of the kings of Egypt – to welcome strangers in, feed them, cloth them, and give them land.  A whopping big miracle of God.

Then, at the end of that epoch God did more miracles – but this time they weren’t miracles of new life and rebirth – they were miracles of judgment, death and plagues.  Plague of gnats, frogs, darkness, and finally death of every firstborn in Egypt at instant of the Passover hour – except for families whose door posts were covered in the blood of the lamb.


When Jesus came and performed all these life-giving miracles the immediate signal to the Jews watching all this was – a new epoch of God is about to commence.  They recoiled at that – and pretended nothing had happened.  Keep calm – move on.

And looking back – we can say – wow – what a ride!  The Age of Grace has been so glorifying to God. Imagine – millions and million of Gentiles bowing down and worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!  A whopping big supernatural miracle in its own right.


We show in our 4.o PROPHECY page that since 1915-1917 (roughly) the world has already entered the Biblical Last Days.  The Judgment of God is coming.  The Rapture is coming.  The Great Tribulation is coming.  The Kingdom of God is coming after that.  None of these far away in a distant century – but will come soon.

If so, then considering that this is the end of perhaps the greatest Bible epoch ever – the Age of Grace – which began with the astounding miracles of Jesus – would we not expect to see these Last Days big whopping supernatural miracles – right before our eyes?

Yes.  We would expect to see big whopping supernatural miracles right before our eyes – but not life-giving miracles, rather we should expect to see Biblical judgments of destruction on a massive scale.

Not nature ramped up.  Not more frequent and more pervasive earthquakes.  Not wider and longer persisting droughts.  Not more violent wars involving more nations and more devastation.

Whopping big supernatural miracles – like the parting of the Red Sea – or bigger.  Miracles that are indisputably supernatural – nothing like we have ever seen before.  And destructive.


I was back at my desk in an office building in Ottawa, Canada on Sept 11th.  I heard a plane had hit the North Tower.  I jumped up and went into nearby room with a TV and watched on the monitors the CNN television coverage of the plane striking the building.  Not long after that – in real time – I saw the second plane hit the second building.

I was in shock.  As was everyone else.   Then we learned the planes had been hijacked by Al-Queda – immediately everyone’s attention was focused on WHO did it.  But the truth of what happened was hidden from my eyes.  Even though I saw what happened with my own eyes – it was so unnatural – I couldn’t process it.


What I saw was two towers, each 110 stories high, collapse into a pile of dust in 9 to 15 seconds.  This fact is apparent to anyone who watches the public domain news videos – and uses a stopwatch to measure the time.

The next day on TV people were starting to ask ‘what happened to the two towers?’  The news reporter told the camera: “it fell, pulverized into dust”.  Each of the tallest World Trade Center towers was composed of half a million tons of steel, aluminum, concrete, wires, desks, chairs, windows, computers, toilets, pipes, and human bodies.

The next day when the dust literally cleared – all that was left was an almost immaculate ground zero. There should have been a twelve story high pile of rubble.  Just a few shards of construction materials of the two towers was there – and dust everywhere.

The planes crashed into Tower 1 and Tower 2 and some time later, in brief seconds, they collapsed to dust – watch live video.

Tower 7 was 47 stories high. Later that day – watch the video – collapsed into dust – like a shot buck falling to the ground with its legs out from under it.  Tower 7 was outside the WTC main grounds – squeezed between two other buildings – that were completely untouched.  There was so little debris from Tower 7 the sidewalk across the street could be walked on. The Burger King in one of those adjacent buildings kept operating to feed the firemen.  But Tower 7 was gone.

Tower 3 was 22 stories high.  Later that day – after two towers had fallen – dust.

Tower 5 was 9 stories high.  The top 6 floors evaporated into dust.  The bottom 3 floors were preserved.

Tower 4 was 9 stories high.  About two thirds was missing right down to ground level – and about one third stood in place.  It looked like a cake – someone walked away with 2/3 and left 1/3 on the plate.

Tower 6 was 8 stories high.  It had a giant hole in the center – right down to ground zero – with all the rest of the building standing relatively untouched.

Ground zero – in hours following the event – covered in fine dust and paper that did not burn up – watch the video.  This is the same miracle Moses witnessed – it appears to be a fire but does not burn wood [or paper] – (see Exodus 3:1-6) .

All of this devastation I have described to you CAN NOT BE EXPLAINED BY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

The towers did not burn up – the dust that fell on street people was not even warm to the touch.

The towers did not fall by controlled demolition – the seismic data show a small surface wave when Tower 1 fell – but no impact at all from Tower 2 which was just as heavy.  Tower 3 and Tower 7 show no seismic signature either.  We know the seismic stations were working because quarry blasts in New Jersey appeared on the monitors that same morning.  If Tower 1 and Tower 2 fell by demolition they would have hit the ground with 30 times more energy each than the controlled demolition of the old stadium in Seattle – which registered 2.4 on the Richter scale.

The towers did not fall by the floors above pancaking the floors below.  If a tower collapsed by one floor falling on another floor, pulverizing it, then repeated 110 times for 110 floors, the absolute fastest that could occur is 100 seconds. The towers collapsed in 9 to 15 seconds.  The collapse of the two towers was just a bit slower than the time it would take for a bowling ball to free fall from the top floor – 9 seconds.

A professor of mechanical engineering made a thorough study of the event – taking over a year of careful research – and came to the conclusion the collapse is not explainable by any scientific process we have ever seen.  The video presentation CLICK HERE (her talk starts at 3:30).

In other words, the 911 event is what we would call: “SUPERNATURAL”.

The professor appears to be an atheist – therefore she speculates someone, somewhere, someplace possesses a death ray weapon based on classified science.  We don’t believe that.  We believe it was a miracle of God.

MIRACLE: over 1 million tons of hardened steel and other building materials pulverized to tiny dust in 8 to 15 seconds in mid-air without release of heat.


God did a work of supernatural destruction for the purpose of informing us the Last Days are here.

We recoil from that.  We don’t want to believe what our eyes are telling us.  Keep calm – move on.

The site of the World Trade Center was chosen by God, and the destruction was wreaked in such a precise way, that by using the spiritual meaning of Bible numbers we could interpret the message He meant us to receive from it.

Some easy spiritual math tells us why God destroyed those towers.

Tower 1 and Tower 2 were 110 stories high.  The spiritual number 110 means ‘God’s Wrath’.  Put side by side two 110 story towers have the spiritual meaning: ‘God’s Wrath’ (110) ‘Divided’ (2).  In other words, man erected those towers – the tallest office towers in the world – as gestures of pride – if to say ‘God has no wrath’ – we have nothing to fear from God – we can just do whatever we want and live however we want – He can’t do a thing about it. Whoops!

The only towers in that precinct instantly vaporized into dust had the prefix ‘WTC’.  All the other neighboring towers were not made into dust.

If you convert the English letters ‘WTC’ into Hebrew letters ‘Vav Tav Kaf’ this has the numerical value of 906 which means ‘River of Death’.

The 906th chapter of the Bible is Habbakuk 3 which reads:

“RENEW THEM IN OUR DAY, in our time make them known…

There was a stairwell in the North Tower with survivors. They thought they were buried under 200 feet of rubble. Instead, when the firemen walked across ground zero and opened the door to the stairwell, the survivors looked up into clear blue sky.

‘Where is the North Tower? There used to be giant skyscraper here. Its gone. Its completely gone.”

There were 14 survivors in the stairwell. The spiritual number 14 means ‘RIGHTEOUS’.

We are right now in the Last Days.  God’s judgment is coming on this earth – right before your eyes.  If you are washed in the blood of the Lamb – if you have been regenerated by the Holy Ghost – you are righteous in God’s sight.  You may die in the terrible judgments of the Last Days (Rev.6) – which occur before the Rapture (Rev. 7:1) – which occurs before the Great Tribulation (Rev 7 to Rev 19) – but you will be resurrected to eternal life.  If you are not saved from God’s wrath – fall on your knees NOW and confess with your lips that Messiah has already come and shed his blood on the Cross as a sin offering to God.  You will be saved by your faith.

We will supply a number of in-depth studies showing the LORD announced 911 would happen – including tiny details of the events of Sep 11 2001.  A prime data mine for prophecy is Habbakuk chapter 3:

“HIS GLORY COVERED THE HEAVENS and his praise filled the earth
RAYS FLASHED FROM HIS HAND where his power was hidden.” (3:4)

You saw it with your own eyes!


servant mark

13 Responses to “SEP 911”

  1. Will I AM Clayton November 26, 2017 at 11:17 pm #

    Radiant with His huge gift and glory to reveal Truth … Be blessed … To much given .. much is required … Shalom smile

    • mark h lane November 28, 2017 at 8:57 am #

      The darkness is so deep a flickering candle seems like an epiphany. hmm. But concerning requirements… my thoughts draw me to Lazarus. Jesus loved to spend time with him. Did Lazarus do anything for Jesus? Was he a prophet, a scribe, a priest, or a wise man? Did he move crowds with words? Or solve ancient riddles? Or cross oceans for God? All we know is Jesus loved Lazarus. That is the grace of our Lord. His love and His gifts poured out on his lowly creation. Magnanimously. Not as a bribe or as a wage or with expectation of doing something in return. Simply as a gift. Who is a Lazarus? Who loves to spend time with Jesus? Alone, on a walk, in a quiet place, away from fervent prayer circles, far from religious assemblies? So the Giver is overflowing with gifts. But few there are to receive them. servant mark

  2. Ricky Barber September 13, 2017 at 10:48 pm #

    How do I say this… I’ll really try, My son just tonight got the TV connected too YouTube so I could share a video with my wife. The title was “Where are the Towers” with Dr. Jane (think I got the name right). Now here I was looking up the meaning of the number “237”, which brought me in a round about way to your Website. Yes, this Website gave me my answer. I began looking through your Website and fell in love with it. I seen the section on 9/11/2001 so I went to it and begin reading it, I was absolutely amazed at the “all most but not quite” word for word of the video I had shown my wife early tonight. I’ve got this feeling that God directed me too this site. Wife, son and I was talking about, same as Dr. Jane saying, what made the towers just turn too dust.
    Just like you said, “Right before your eyes”

  3. Gervasio DE jesus antonio August 30, 2017 at 5:35 pm #

    I just want to say thank you brother Mark it’s clear.! May God bless you

  4. Laura August 30, 2017 at 7:57 am #

    Thank you Mark for your interpretations. People will choose to believe what they will at the end of the day but you have certainly done your part as to spreading the truth. I believe you are right when stated that 9/11 was a sign of the last days. What days, weeks, months, and years are to us are seconds, minutes, hours, and days to the heavens above. We are indeed living in the last days and I pray that everyone can be open these prophecies. God Bless you and your loved ones!!

    • mark h lane August 30, 2017 at 11:00 am #

      I am just the reporter. Trying to tell it like it is. I have lived (briefly) in the U.S. and visited. These tidings I don’t take pleasure in announcing. Blessings. servant mark

  5. Melinda February 25, 2017 at 2:39 pm #

    No 9/11 was NOT a miracle of God. It was an act of man. There were no planes. It was a demolition. Jews were behind it with Israel and Saudis (Saudi royals are Jews). Osama was the patsy. Jews bet bet hundreds of millions of dollars on the stock market just before 9/11. This was evil. Please don’t blame that on God. Numerology is evil too. God isn’t playing games. I know his voice and he speaks to me in English; not codes.Numbers DO NOT have meaning. God made all numbers and he can use them when, where, if, and how he wants to. This isn’t a puzzle to figure out. It’s so much easier than that.

    • mark h lane February 25, 2017 at 2:51 pm #

      Hi Melinda. With all due respect, there is no demolition known to man that can turn hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete into dust in mid-air without release of heat (or noise or an earthquake signature). This is simply not possible according to the physical laws of the universe. God is the only person who possesses the supernatural power to accomplish this feat. Therefore, the event stands alongside other Biblical miracles in prominence; it is a sign of God – we must take note it – and consider carefully what are the implications. As far as Bible numbers are concerned, you are free to ignore them, as many have. But the events of 9/11 can not be ignored. And conclusions we have drawn from observation of 9/11 don’t depend on any theory of numbers. Blessings. servant mark

  6. Lea Calleja January 30, 2017 at 9:45 pm #

    Hi there my friend, you are correct. Unfortunately you are. I think we all have to keep asking for mercy. There is an interesting thing about the cake. Other pastors have mentioned things about cakes as well without understanding. Is it wrong to celebrate birthdays???? God’s angels are trying to tell us all something about cakes. Some of the recent judgments – with tornadoes in America – cakes have been left where houses have been saved?? Maybe you can help with this one. I hope you are going well. Kind regards Lea You are doing a really good job and I thank you.

    • mark h lane January 30, 2017 at 10:10 pm #

      Hi Lea. My own conviction is I avoid parties, including birthday parties. I send my mother flowers on mothers day instead. As far as cakes, I like them but only a little slice please. Blessings. servant mark

  7. Elisa Han March 2, 2016 at 12:29 am #

    Thank you for your interpretation of the event. I have read in lots of blogs that this was a conspiracy theory, but you, out of the many people out there, has been able to decipher the true meaning of the event.

    God bless, Mark.

  8. Gervasio DE jesus antonio September 22, 2015 at 9:35 am #

    Thanks for the amazing revelation in biblical meaning of numbers I’m really inspired . May God bless u sir .

    • mark h lane September 22, 2015 at 10:46 am #

      Having a friend on this journey with the LORD – this is the best blessing of all.

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