In addition to being an accurate historical record of the life of Jesus Christ, the early chapters of the Book of John contain detailed prophecies of America in the Last Days.

Since WWII the United States of America has been the supreme world power.  In the Last Days this hegemony must be torn down for a new world order to arise led by the Beast.

Thus, it is inevitable that mighty America will fall.  The question is how and when.  No surprise America’s downfall is front and center of Last Days prophecy in John.

The September 11 disaster was the wake-up call for America: a divine judgment is coming.  (n.b. We document Bible prophecies of the fall of the two towers: see Sep 11).

America in the Last Days has a seared conscience: spiritually dead.  America can’t understand she has done anything wrong that would cause God to judge her.

In this condition America can’t repent.  So, no healing from God is possible.

Blinded by devotion to the Flag and the US Constitution, American Christians can’t see the writing on the wall: Like Belshazzar they believe the party of God’s favor never stops.

“But you… O Belshazzar have not humbled yourself… instead you have set yourself up against the Lord of Heaven… you praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood, and stone, which can not see or hear or understand” (Dan. 5 v 22-23)

The Book of John supplies amazing prophetic detail of how America will fall apart.  This is so we will know in hindsight that the fall of America came from the hand of  God.

** This is Advanced Prophecy. **

To interpret the Book of John we will rely on all the prophetic tools and Bible research we have at our disposal to date on this site.  We will embed links in our papers so the reader can drill down and test our presuppositions.  Some of our conclusions will be shocking, concerning the typology of the names, places, and events in the Book of John.


We live in one of the richest prophetic times since the First Coming.  As of 2017 we are now in the 7th DAY: the tail end of the prophecy of the Seven Seals. The end of the Age of Grace will occur in this generation.

The first three gospels, starting in Matthew 1 v 1 and following consecutively in Mark and Luke, are prophetic of years, one verse equals one year, beginning in 1 AD: a precise chronology of the history of the world written in advance.  (See our pages on Mark and Luke for proof of that).

On the one-verse one-year basis, 2017 corresponds to Luke 1 v 40.  In other words, the Last Days of the Age of Grace is reached chronologically early in the Book of Luke; the end of the Age of Grace, being less than fifty verses after that, is also reached in Luke.

The Book of John, being the last of the four gospels, has a prophetic emphasis not on the whole span of the Age of Grace but rather on the Last Days of the Age of Grace.  The mind of the apostle John was oriented by the Spirit of God towards describing the Last Days: John’s Book of Revelation deals with the Seven Seals and the Great Tribulation in detail.




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